How Attackers Choose Victims

women self defenseAttackers are like animals. They choose them who they think will be the easiest ´´prey´´ in the easiest situation. An attacker will chose someone who doesn´t fight back or it´s minimal. He try to attack them who are unlikely to fight back.

An attacker who wants to attack his victim wants to surprise her and try to do sneak attack. He try to be modest but he betray himself because he has proactive stance and his movements are quite quick.
This can be suspected body language that an attacker could have.

An attacker who wants to use sexual violence has a little bit different behaviour.
Irrespective of is he drunk or not wants to get a contact. This kind of attacker stare women and demonstrate his masculinity. It´s not that hard to get to load of that kind of attacker.

Keep your eyes open! It helps you to notice who might be the potential attacker.

Dear women, when you are walking keep your shoulders back and throw out your chest. Even if you are not, think you are strong and confident. Trust me it´s least what you can do to protect yourself. Present yourself strong and you can be quite sure your attacker will look someone else to attack. Attacker might choose someone else, because he can see that you are not weak and you look strong and confident!

BE CAREFUL and protect yourself TODAY!

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